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Better opportunity to make your money grow

RealtyCoin its a way to invest in real estates. Its known that properties are the most secure investments over the world, so your coins will be based on a business that moves trillions. Also one of the most important things is that part of the profit of each deal, go direct to the investors benefits, so, your investment will grow with us, reducing the volatile risk.

10% of the profit of each deal go direct to the inversors.

Worldwide business

Connectivity its one of the most interesting charasteristics of this kind of business. We buy and sell real estates or any kind of properties on any place of the world. If we found a good opportunity, we buy. That is a good chance for all the people, you can offer us any property and all win.

You can invest wherever you are, you can be on Japan, Chile, United States, Ukraine or Jamaica. Invest in Real Estate and keep your money safe.

Earn Bitcoins

In each real estate deal that we concrete, we going to share the 10% of the profit with our investors. That benefict of our investors, its going to be payed with bitcoins to each one, so, you can win twice, on each deal and when we grow as company, because  the price of the coin will raising too, so you have at least two beneficts with us.

RealtyCoin as payment option

We want that the realtycoin be a payment method on for real estate transactions. We going to work with builders companies and real estates agents over the world, so, we expect that be accepted and make greater the realty coin.

Growing Economy

The real estate economy its ever growing, more than 200 billions are traded over the world yearly.

Stable Environment

The fact that we work in real estates, build a environment solid, free of risk and stable.

Earn money

We want that all get profit of each deal that we do. We going to to share 10% of each deal with our inversors.

Strategic Location

Located in Chile, a consolidated economy, allow us develop the real estate business with advantage.

Real Estate Opportunities