Chasing the cryptocurrency dream. – 12th Jan, 2018

(English translation of the Daniel Derezunsky’s interview to the newspaper “La Palabra Israelita”)

While bitcoin makes worldwide news every day, igniting interest and casting doubts on digital money. A Chilean real estate manager and entrepreneur is making an unprecedented commitment to developing a crypto-token, linked to real world assets, thus attempting to minimize the uncertainty and volatility.

A netizen going by the pseudonym of “Satoshi Nakamoto” published a research article in 2008 explaining the basics of Bitcoin – a new decentralized digital currency based on open-source cryptographic software and peer to peer (P2P) technology. Since then, the authorities and the general public have relentlessly tried to uncover his identity and establish the person behind this novel decentralized monetary system, anonymous and independent of the government’s and central bank’s policies/legislations.

After several years of mythical origins, in 2016, Craig Steven Wright, a 44 year old Australian businessman, confessed to being the creator of bitcoin, the most widespread virtual currency in the world, however the claim is highly contested within the community. Hence far from quieting the waters, the controversy over the crypto-currencies is still alive, as any underground phenomenon that challenges the institutions.

In this context, the viñamarino (from the city of Viña del Mar, Chile) entrepreneur Mr. Daniel Derezunsky Finkelstein, gave an interview to the “The Israelite Word” (La Palabra Israelita) to publicize his attempts to develop a crypto-token, originating from Chile, South America.

“Academically, I studied elementary and secondary education at the Victor Domingo Silva School, located in the municipality of Ñuñoa, Santiago. Later, I studied law, in which I graduated and all my professional life, I have dedicated myself to recovering assets in an irregular situation that are in the process of losing their fiscal benefit”

  • And when did your vocation for entrepreneurship arise?

– Since I was a child, I liked innovative things, strongly marked by the incipience of computing technologies in Chile. As the years passed, I always found myself having great ideas, which for different reasons, I was never able to materialize and make it a reality either due to lack of support, economically or productively. But I always thought of doing things to improve or optimize the quality of life.

  • How did you come up with the RealtyCoin (RTC)?

– A while ago, my friend informed me about the world of crypto-currencies and blockchain and I started to research them. It wasn’t long until I understood the process and operation. I could also see one of its major problems, volatility. Hence, I thought that if a cryptocurrency is linked to an underlying real world asset, it would be more stable and less susceptible to market fluctuations.

  • What is the differentiating factor of this cryptocurrency?

– This cryptocurrency is a means of real estate investment – crowd funding style, any person in the world can join this project, regardless of the amount that he/she wants to contribute. Thus, the territorial factors and the economic situation of any individual, do not limit the possibility of investment at all. In addition, we expect and will work towards making RealtyCoin (RTC) a valid mode of payment for transactions, in which real estate assets are involved. Even in this little period of time, that we have been in the market for, we have already signed a deal with Habitainer – which is dedicated to modular solutions globally. They will accept RealtyCoin (RTC) as a mode of payment and we are working on signing deals with other interested companies.

  •  How is this digital currency different from other existing ones?

– How is this digital currency different from other existing ones?-RealtyCoin (RTC) is a mix between crowdfunding and cryptocurrency, which is essentially a means of payment. The manner in which interested parties can participate, already makes a difference. Especially since we are already established in the real market. In addition, RealtyCoin (RTC) offers a double benefit, the investors profit from each real estate deal that is made by the company and the success of the project increases the value of each RealtyCoin (RTC) token on exchanges – capital appreciation.

  • At what stage is your project?

– RealtyCoin (RTC) is in the pre-sale process, which is still active and allows those who are interested in participating in the project, to obtain a bonus, thus making the investment more attractive.

  • What are the crucial factors for success in this project?

– Basically, we can understand and visualize the importance and transcendence of the cryptocurrency and blockchain phenomenon, and tokenization of course. We also realize that by utilizing this technology, the process and management will be much fairer, less expensive and safe for all of us, as a society, factors that will lead us to success, in this project. A digital revolution is upon us, which is as big and important as the industrial revolution was.

  • What are the reputation and security issues here?

– There’s no doubt that these are two powerful subjects in the world of crypto-currencies. You have to understand that these are global businesses and therefore there are many antecedents, which one must be exposed to, in order to transmit confidence to a third party. Every detail counts, which is why it’s necessary to start from the base of expert forums and start the process through previously accredited and experienced people.

Regarding security, I would like to point that it’s a characteristic element in the crypto-currency and tokens transfers on blockchain, a virtue for which it is sought, among other things, to grant greater protection and anonymity to transactions, without exposing oneself through sensitive credit card/bank details.