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9340 Santa Liliana, La Florida, Chile

Why use RTC?

RealtyCoin is a cryptocurrency that gives a lot of benefits. First of all, we are a good interdisciplinary team with knowledge of different areas such as law, finances, computer design, and marketing, among others.

In the traditional business, when you invest in real estates, you can find many problems like investing a minimum amount, having credit cards, a very good rating in the banks, etc. Realty Coin can solve all these problems that have mentioned before because you would invest any amount of money without any need of credit card, or you are banking, and also investing from any country around the world etc. There are no limits over this open world for us.

To be located in Chile, it’s a very good strategic place because Chile is considered to be a very transparent country for the free of corruption, if you want to verify please check out our website https://www.transparency.org

Then, we can summarize if you want to invest in RTC for these following reasons:

  • Great team work
  • The business is based on real estate that guarantee your investment
  • No consider the minimum invest needed
  • No consider personal background needed
  • Invest the amount that you need
  • Strategic location
  • Guarantee an opportunity of agreement  for our investors
  • There are new chances in order to buy real estate at low cost.