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RealtyCoin Whitepaper

WorldWide Investments over the world


Web: ​ www.therealtycoin.io
Email: ​ contact@therealtycoin.io
Twitter: ​@ realtycoin1
Facebook: therealtycoin


  1. General​ ​information ​about​ the ​​Project ​and​ ​ICO​
  2. ​Project​ ​services​ and​ ​their​ ​usage​
  3. ​Engineering​ solutions​
  4. ​Development​ ​strategy ​and​ ​Roadmap​
  5. ​Market​ Review​
  6. ​Team​
  7. ​Marketing​ ​strategy​
  8. ​Competitive​ Advantages​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Project​
  9. ​ Risks​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Project​
  10. ​ Economy​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Project​
  11. ​ Investment​ ​highlights​ ​of​ ​the​ ​token​
  12.  Legal Stuff

1. General​information​about​​the ​​Project ​and​ICO


RealtyCoin will be a decentralized currency based on blockchain technology and   Ethereum smart contracts because the coin marks a new era in the real estate market.

Our currency will be revolutionized the real estate world in terms of   breaking the restrictions and borders that an individual must invest in the properties.

There is no doubt that the real estate is the most convenient asset in the world and a solid investment.

RealtyCoin aims to raise the global real estate market that is estimated at more than 200 trillion dollars. The owners of our currency can invest in highly desirable assets in Chile and subsequently the project can grow in the rest of the world.

With each contribution, we will acquire properties at a low price, and then sell them in order to obtain a certain profit, leaving part of it to the valuation of our investors.

According to the completion of the ICO, we will seek to list the ReltCoin as  the best cryptocurrency exchange centers such as bittrex, poloniex, kraken, yobit, etc…

The company is to create an investment in Chilean real estate or in any country where we have the opportunities ​ like:​

    • Investors buy coins, which will be invested in real estate in Chile as one of the most stable economies in the world
    • Benefits  since the local knowledge of real investors
    • Create benefits to the investors between the parts of a profit in every real estate deal.
    • As the world is very connected, every person from any place of the world can become a real estate agent whether he/she has this opportunity.
    • The investment is consolidated on real estates that are solid resource and even grow their prices. So, it will be in goods and not as an idea.
    • The investor doesn’t have a minimum amount to invest.
    • We are associated with different real estate companies that find us properties with considerable low prices.
    • We have a team who has the expertise in all the needed areas like: Accounting, Construction, Law and Marketing.
    • The life itself provides us to the variety of purchases, although the people fall economically.

    With the twelve years of experience, this team is prepared to help your profits since their expertise in the real estate and also the construction.



Website: www.therealtycoin.io ​
Whitepaper:​ http://therealtycoin.io/index.php/whitepaper/                             ​ ​
Twitter: ​https://twitter.com/realtycoin1
Telegram: ​(soon)
Facebook: ​ ​https://www.facebook.com/therealtycoin/
Bitcointalk: (soon) ​
YouTube: ​(soon)
LinkedIn: ​https://www.linkedin.com/in/therealtycoin-therealtycoin-099b72152/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therealtycoin/


Smart-contract ​platform:​     ​Blockchain​ ​Ethereum​
Contract ​type:​   ​ERC-20​
Token: ​RTC


Start ​date:​   ​November​ ​17,​2017​
End ​date:​ ​December​  ​17​,​2017​
Total ​token​ ​emission​ 75.000.000          ​
Bonus:  40%
Price:​ ​1​ ​RTC​ ​=​ ​0.00036​ ​ETH​
Minimum ​purchase​   ​amount​ ​Pre-Sale:​ ​0.5​ ​ETH​ = 1410 RTC


ICO Sale:


ICO start​ ​date:​ 17 December 2017
ICO end​ ​date:​ 31 January 2018  ​
Target volume of tokensale:  500.000.000
ICO price:​ ​1​ ​RTC​ ​=​ ​0.00036​ ​ETH​
Soft Cap:​ ​$500,000 Usd
Minimum purchase​ ​amount:​ ​no​ ​restrictions​
Maximum purchase​ ​amount:​ ​no​ ​restrictions​   ​
Token distribution:


ICO bonus program:

First Stage: Buy More than 0.5 ETH 25% Bonus/Less than 0.5 ETH 20% Bonus
Second Stage: Buy More than 0.5 ETH 15% Bonus/Less than 0.5 ETH 10% Bonus
Third Stage: Buy More than 0.5 ETH 10% Bonus/Less than 0.5 ETH 5% Bonus

Each Stage have 15 days

Accepted payment:​ ​ETH, BTC 

Structure of​ ​distribution​ ​of​ ​funds​ ​raised​ ​during​ ​the​ ​ICO

  • Business Develop 75%
  • Marketing 15%
  • Law 5%
  • Reserve 5%

2. ​Project​services​and​their​usage


It is a fundamental characteristic to understand that Realtycoin is and will be a currency with an active society, with voting rights.

Investors have the option to choose which project to carry out, through polling and discussion on the projects social media channel.

As the project grows we hope to be able to use realtycoin to be accepted by the owners of properties and construction companies, as a valid means of buying and selling real estate and development of building projects.

The Problem.


The real estate market is very tempting, however, it is not always within the reach of many budgets. The sheer amount of money needed to invest is unattainable for people who are starting out in commercial activity, do not have the option to access bank loans, credit cards, or sufficient funds to interact in the real estate.

In addition, the border limits and the little knowledge in legislative matters, puts even more ironclad obstacles in in investment in real estate

Another big problem its that obtain loan from banks its hard and difficult. Also, its too much expensive because you must pay high interest..You can be eternally paying for a loan and never get enough to invest.

The Solution.

RealtyCoin solves all obstacles to participate in the profitable real estate world; because, as a decentralized economic system, there are no border limits that prevent a person anywhere in the world can invest the amount of money you want to purchase of a property and its subsequent commercialization.

The community will be interactive, allowing investors to vote on whether the property will be sold, leased, rebuilt, etc. Using our trusted partners in construction and the teams combined knowledge of the local and national property market,

In summary, the two most important problems, such as limits, are solved with connectivity and globalization. Most importantly, the problem of financial status, is also solved from the minute you can invest the amount you want.

Not exist the bank problem because we going to get resources from investor from all the world.


Our planning is divided into two stages over 18 months:

  1. The first stage is to obtain resources to build an inventory of properties purchased at a low price. These will then be sold at a higher price of the purchase

Upon completion, a return of 10% as a dividend to our investors.The community will take profit on each transaction and this will raise the coin price.

For Example: If we buy a real estate in 60,000.00USD and we sell it at 100,000.00 USD, we have a profit of 40,000.00USD. So, 10% going to spread it directly to our inversors. In this example, our inversors earn twice, because they share 4,000.00USD (the sale of example) and the benefict of raise of the token for the success of the company on their goals.

  1. The second stage is to make the cryptocurrency become a means of payment widely accepted in everything related to businesses in which properties are involved, ie, lease, purchase, sale, real estate leasing. We will seek to make strategic alliances with different construction companies so that the acceptance of realtycoin as an accepted means of currency.

For our succesful, we are looking for this kind of properties or real estates.

  • Ruined or abandoned
  • With judicial or law problems
  • From people that need to sell right now
  • By forced sale from the banks (bankrupcy)

Auctions (the chilean law establish:
If a buyer is not found in the first auction, or is declared deserted, a second process is carried out where the price of the house decreases to two thirds of the initial value. If nobody wins it again, in the third call the property is auctioned off to the highest bidder.)

3. Engineering Solutions

The RTC token is an open source cryptographic token. There is 1 repository available on the
GitHub ​website:​

Currently, one people are involved in smart contract development.

The RTC Token is implemented on the Ethereum blockchain and complies with the ERC20 ​standard.​


4, ​Development​strategy​and​Roadmap

The whitepaper and the website detail all the main points about the development plans ​of​ ​the​ ​project.​

As founders, we are focused on the long-term development prospects of the project, depending on the results of the ICO.


5.​ ​Market​Review

Real estate is one of the most desirable assets in the world.


Home sales in Santiago rise 31% in the first half despite rising prices. 81% of the units sold were apartments, while the houses decreased 16% compared to the same period of the previous year.

A  total of 7,975 homes were sold in the capital in said period, where 6,449 were apartments and 1,526 homes.

PressMedia – http://www.emol.com/noticias/Economia/2017/07/19/867478/Venta-de-viviendas-en-Santiago-aumenta-31-en-1er-semestre-6-de-cada-10-deptos-vendidos-tiene-menos-de-50m2.html


In January 2016, VAT of 19% was imposed on sales of properties in Chile by “habitual sellers” such as real estate companies, or persons who sell their properties in less than a year.

The VAT on new properties added around 4% to 11% to the price of new properties, making older homes more attractive.

That law, that imposed the 19%. Beneficts so much the option of buy more older homes, the special market that we going to invest.

The stability and low range of corruption is very important to invest in Chile.



The benefict is that If a buyer is not found in the first auction, or is declared deserted, a second process is carried out where the price of the house decreases to two thirds of the initial value. If nobody wins it again, in the third call the property is auctioned off to the highest bidder. So, we have the experience that, buy this kind of properties its a good deal and we get a very nice profit. By example, a home that cost 100,000.00 USD, by this way, we can buy it at 60,000.00 USD.

As the world population increases, property is process are increasing rapidly; this means that people are able to invest and make profit, however, most people are unable to invest fully in real estate, and thats one of the most important reasons because you can invest with us. Participate in the real estate market when in normal terms, its difficult be part.

From the statistics above, we can conclude that as the real estate market continues growing, ICO’s as the ideal way to crowdfund, the market is ready for this platform.


​6. Team

The RTC team is represented by 5 specialists, that each one have 3 employees  in charge, which there are  professionals ​in​ ​all​ ​the​ ​important​   ​areas. like accounting, Marketing, Construction, Law and web design. Anyway the team details its developed in the button team on the website.


 7.​ ​Marketing strategy

The project team draws the attention of the community to the upcoming ICO via several channels:

  • Making a full campaign in google adwords.
  • Making a full campaign in facebook
  • Register on special blog, forum and webpage, like icodaily and icochecker.
  • Publish on bitcoin bullet twitter
  • Constant updates on our media channels.

8. ​Competitive Advantages of the Project

As company politics, we dont care our competitors, we are focused to do our work right and honesty. The most exclusive advantage that we have over our competitors are:

  • We are located on Chile.
  • We make that your invest be our invest so, we protect it.
  • We offer a job to any person on any place over the world.
  • For buy real estate we are the only one company that have a Cryptocurrency in Chile.
  • We offer full transparency and inclusion of the investors. All the documents of the company its avalaible online and you can check it and make update of them when you want.
  • Independenly the raise of the coin price with the success of the company, we give BTC or ETH to our investors for beneficts of each deal.


9. Risks​ of​the​Project

The ​risks​ ​are​ ​as​ ​follows:​

The project’s success depends on implementing all the Roadmap provisions successfully, and on current legislation. For this purpose the staff should recruit more specialists.

At the time of writing, the staff is too small implement all intended plans. Numbers will be increased after the ICO of course, but we do not currently know the qualifications ​of​ ​future​ ​team​ ​members.​

We cannot analyze the technological aspect, because the relevant documentation is not available. Innovative ideas could become an advantage, but there are no innovative ​ideas​ ​right​ ​now.​

Failure of similar projects could cause a bad reputation. No company at ICO stage has implemented the debit card idea so far, so the community does not respect similar ​projects​ ​promising​ ​debit​ ​cards​ ​issue​ ​in​ ​advance.​

10. Economy of the Project

In ​addition​ ​to​ ​the​ ​typical​ ​risks​ ​inherent​ ​in​ ​the​ ​crypto​ ​market,​ ​we​ ​note​ ​the​ ​following:​

Everything in life has risks, every day we all face risks at different levels but they are generally risks product of our actions and decisions. In the real estate business the same thing happens, as the companies move forward in the development of the project, new risks appear that could result in the failure or not of the project, and it is the responsibility of the company’s managers to work hard to reduce it through planning and the marketing It seems that, currently venturing into this business is profitable, the value of the properties are increasing considerably, the land has practically doubled its value in recent years and real estate companies offer large amounts of money to property owners (houses, land) Strategically located to develop millionaire real estate projects, many people also want to realize the dream of their own home and are obtaining housing at higher prices as the demand is increasing.

11. Investment highlights of the token


The project provides for voting rights and dividends for  tokenholders. The idea its that all the investors be part on the take of decision of which real estate buy, for that, we going to improve a survey system.

Another highlight its the meaning of make that all the world can reach us offering real estates or properties, so, everyone can earn fees as real estate agent. (about 4% of the commercial price of the property).

The develop of the business on the chilean market its a highlight very interesting for the reasons that we explained before.

12. Legal Stuff


On the webpage you can check the company details and the way to check daily if you want the updated validity