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Earn Bitcoins

How i can earn Bitcoins with RealtyCoin?

Well, when you buy RTC, you can win twice. At first, with de sucess of the company, obviusly, the price of the token will raise, then, thats its the first way as you win with the realtycoin. Exist the second way to earn with the Realtycoin. When we buy a property cheap, and sell it in a higher price, that make a profit. From that profit, we share 10% with our investors and we pay it in BTC or ETH, depends on which cryptocurrency you used to invest. To be clear, im going to make an example thinking in that we buy the real estate opportunity that we posted (the property of Quilpue).
Buy it in 173,000USD, Sell it in 220,000USD. Profit of 47,000USD. So, from that profit, we share the 10% with our investors. That means that we share 4,700USD with our investors, that we pay it on BTC the same day that we sell the property. That operation we going to do it with all the real estate deals that we close.