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Our Team


Daniel Derezunsky Finkelstein

CEO of RealtyCoin

I am an entrepreneur, I’m always attentive to the latest technologies and trends and also a passionate person in the cryptocurrencies world where I have spent around a year investigating and investing in them. In addition,   I manage to understand their processes from the creation of the commercialization.
I’ve experienced in the detection of low-cost properties, legal management of judicial auctions has allowed me to obtain properties at a very low price for a subsequent sale to large investors. What I have done for the third parties, now I want to do it for my own company and so that my investors can also earn with me. I can speak native Spanish but I can give myself to understand in English.

Experience: 7 Years on develop real estate business


Andres Montoya Garcia

Business Advisor

I am transparent and direct person, with enough experience in international coordination business. I have developed the family business with headquarters in Santiago of Chile, spreading to other markets in South America, for example, Peru. I am a businessman. I can communicate in Spanish and also English.
Among the characteristics of what I can develop is to emphasize:
1) Innovation in the continuous processes
2) Budget Management Creativity
3) Continuous improvement management
4) Experience in information analysis

Experience: 12 Years of comercial director on multiple companies.




My seriousness and professionalism has led me to develop in international companies for a long period. I graduated in Engineering in business and also I have a Master degree and a diploma in matters related with Engineering and Finances. My participation in Realtycoin is a new challenge for me in comparison to the rest of the team.  We have the satisfaction of leading in the real estate area. I speak English and Spanish. In the performance of my duties, I have the ability to manage the accounts of many clients at the same time, ensuring their confidence, risk detection and adequate protection.

Experience: 12 Years working on accounting company.




As an Engineer in business, I have specialized in the area of ​​human resources. I have always interested in the technological development and together with this team of professionals, we have taken this beautiful challenge to internationalize the work that we have done in Chile. The idea is to make accessible all the purchase-sales of a real estate. In addition, the opportunity to create a currency and use it as a means of payment more acceptable, it can be a good challenge that a professional must take with the seriousness that corresponds. I want to stand out for KYC, internal and external. I speak English and Spanish.

Experience: 10 Years working on human resources.




Hi, I’m an engineer in marketing; I’ve worked at my job, what I’m really passionate in marketing business. I have done marketing for important companies in my country, where I stand out in some works in one of them is the largest telephone companies in Chile. I consider myself a tenacious, hardworking, honest and very loyal person. One of the best functions that I have done is the management of alliances with other companies, a task which I will also develop successfully so that Realtycoin becomes an international currency in which is accepted by the construction companies. I speak English, Spanish and basic Italian.

Experience: 8 Years working on marketing.