We are working on forming partnerships with companies related to the real estate sector, which are interested in the project and have shown willingness in accepting RealtyCoin (RTC) as a mode of payment.


Founded nine years ago, Habitainer leads home and office modular solutions. They construct what you need and transport it to any place on the world. Realizing the enormous potential of the block chain technology and cryptocurrency in general, the owner, Mr. Felipe Zagal, signed an agreement with RealtyCoin to be the first company, which accepts the crypto-currency as a payment option.

Empresas Target

Having over twenty years of experience, Empresas Target is dedicated to bringing mining, housing, commercial and construction solutions in an efficient, professional, transparent and innovative way, in order to create successful enterprises, in the area of management and business. By signing the deal with RealtyCoin, the company aims to be a pioneer in the crypto-currency arena in Chile and South America, in general.