Frequently asked questions

ICO: Dates and Participation

What are the key Dates To Remember For the RTC ICO

Registration begins on October 6th, 2017. The PRE-ICO sale begins December 19th, 2017 @ 00:01 CET and concludes 19th of January, 2018 @ 00:01 CET. The ICO sale begins January 19th, 2018 @ 00:01 CET and concludes February 19, 2018 @ 00:01 CET.

How Can I Participate In The RTC ICO?

Participation is simple and only takes a minute. Simply click on Contribute Now button on and provide your information such as name, email, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Purchase Trade Tokens?

During the PRE-ICO period you may purchase RTC Tokens at a rate of 0.5 ETH = 1410 RTC Tokens. For purchases in fiat, we will have an online converter to assist you in seeing how many Trade Tokens you are able to purchase.

During the ICO period the price of RTC Token will come to 1007 RTC Tokens for 0.5 ETH.


How Do You Deem If The RealtyCoin ICO Is Successful?

RealtyCoin is offering 450 million RTC Tokens over the next 45 days. We will not be viewing the ICO raise as a gauge of success or not, but rather how RTC Token trades on the exchanges post ICO. Our primary objective is to create as much value as possible in RTC Tokens by executing across multiple fronts including the Liquidity Pool.

About the RTC Token

What Is The Trade Token?

Trade tokens are ERC-20 compliant tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Which Date Will The Trade Tokens Be Released?

Within 30 days of close of ICO. ICO is scheduled to close on January 31th. Trade tokens will be distributed into your wallet no later than February 27th. If you don’t already have a wallet to accept ETH based tokens, we recommend using . Setup takes less than 5 minutes.

Please note that RTC Tokens will not be released unless KYC information (ID & Proof of Residence) is submitted. You may do so within your Members Area. Additionally, you will be required to place your Ethereum address into your Members Area for proper processing.

What Wallet Should I Use To Accept My RTC Tokens Once They Are Released?

Having a wallet that accepts ERC-20 compliant tokens is necessary to receive your RTC Token allocation. RTC Tokens are ERC-20 compliant tokens, which in short means they are for use within the Ethereum system. Therefore, most any wallet that holds Ethereum (ETH) should suffice. We suggest using , as it is the easiest to setup and takes less than 5 minutes to do so.

It is highly recommended that you store your Tokens in an offline, cold storage solution. Please do not leave Tokens on centralized exchanges, nor should you have a backup of your private key in your email, on your desktop or in your Google Drive, etc. Trezor & Ledger Wallet are great hardware wallet solutions, supporting all ERC-20 Ethereum token types.

If you require assistance please contact us on Live Chat or email us at and we will be happy to assist.